Refurbished PTACs

Refurbishment Process

If you need to replace PTAC units in your hotel or motel and need to keep your cost down, consider purchasing refurbished PTAC units from PTAC4Less. All of the used PTACs we sell go through a rigorous refurbishment process to make sure they’re ready to keep your guests comfortable year-round.


You can learn more about the unique three-tier grading system each of our refurbished PTAC Units receives by reviewing our Understanding Refurbished PTAC Unit Grades page. 


Here's a look at at the journey each refurbished PTAC unit goes through before we send it out to our customers:


Step 1 - Inspection
When a used PTAC unit arrives at an EPA-certified refurbishment and recycling center, a team of diagnosticians carefully examines each unit and decides whether it's ready to be refurbished, or if it doesn't meet the necessary requirements and needs to be recycled. If any minor issues are found, they are documented for the refurbishment team to address.


Step 2 - Repair
Once the used unit passes inspection, it is sent to the refurbishment team to be recalibrated and repaired. There, technicians replace any broken components and fix any other issues. Each unit is also thoroughly cleaned and deodorized.


Step 3 - Testing
A team of highly trained technicians performs a range of quality assurance tests on every refurbished unit before it's shipped out the door. These tests make certain the units meet quality standards and are ready for use.


Step 4 - Final Inspection
Finally, the refurbished units receive cosmetic fixes and fresh coats of paint before they are inspected one last time, then sent to the packaging department.


If a used unit is beyond repair, it is tagged for recycling and sent to the decommissioning team, where a technician recovers the refrigerant from the PTAC unit and disassembles the unit for recycling, preventing refrigerant from escaping into the atmosphere. This process also keeps heavy metals and other hazardous materials out of landfills every year.


We're so confident in our refurbishment process that all our refurbished units are backed by a six-month warranty. That way, you can have confidence in the refurbished PTAC units that keep your guest rooms occupied.

You can also call one of our Refurbished PTAC Specialists at (855) 919-1378.


Don't forget about the PTAC4Less Buyback Program

Did you know that improperly discarding a PTAC unit can lead to EPA fines of up to $37,500 per day? We're here to help you avoid fines and keep hazardous material out of the environment. We’ll pay you cash for your old PTAC units and haul them away for you.


Tell us more about your old units by filling out this brief form and our team will reach out to you shortly. Please note there is a minimum buyback quantity of 5 units for this program.