Eco-Friendly Revival

Refurbishing New Life into PTAC Units

The most economical and environmentally conscious choice among PTAC options are refurbished units. Save up to 60% while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and waste for the benefit of our environment.

Our Refurbishment Process

Refurbishment Process Step 1


At an EPA-certified refurbishment and recycling center, technicians meticulously assess used PTAC units, adhering to stringent guidelines to determine refurbishment eligibility or recycling designation.

Repair & Cleaning

Upon successful inspection, the unit proceeds to the refurbishment team for recalibration and repairs.

Refurbishment Process Step 2
Refurbishment Process Step 3


After the rebuild and reassembly, the team of highly trained technicians perform a range of quality assurance tests on every unit.

Finishing Touches

Nearly ready to put their seal of approval on the unit, the tech goes over it with a fine-toothed comb, literally, one last time. Cosmetic fixes and fresh coats of paint are applied to the front panels.

Refurbishment Process Step 4
Refurbishment Process Step 5

Ready for Reuse

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Our Graded Units

We sell our refurbished PTAC units in three different grades: A+, A, and B. Every refurbished unit is backed by our six-month full-coverage warranty!


Graded refurbished PTAC units like-new units in excellent condition with no cosmetic defects, corrosion, or other damage.


Graded refurbished PTAC units are our standard refurbished units. These units work well and may show signs of light coil damage, limited corrosion or non-structural damage such as cracks or chips to surface areas.


Graded refurbished PTAC units are perfect for someone who wants a unit that works well, but isn’t as worried about physical appearance. These units may show their age with non-structural damage such as cracks or chips, but they’re guaranteed to heat and cool your rooms.

Refurbishment Process