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This Privacy Policy defines how PTAC4Less.com uses your “Personal Information.”

Information That We Collect

The PTAC4Less.com shopping cart and checkout process requires that customers input the following pieces of "Personal Information":

  • Name
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Credit Card Number

However, PTAC4Less.com only collects this Personal Information if you make a purchase by using our checkout system or if you create an account. You are not required to share Personal Information in order to browse PTAC4Less.com.

PTAC4Less.com’s Commitment

PTAC4Less.com uses the Personal Information you provide to assist with the efficient fulfillment of your online orders. We also want to make using the website and buying products a pleasant experience. In order to keep your Personal Information safe, PTAC4Less.com maintains PCI-DSS compliance. In addition, we secure the process of checking out on PTAC4Less.com with SSL encryption. The credit card information that you use to complete an order goes from your browsers to our payment process. PTAC4Less.com does not save your credit card information or store it.

PTAC4Less.com will not disclose your Personal Information with third parties without permission with two exceptions: 1) we are under legal obligation to share your Personal Information, or 2) we must share certain pieces of information in order to fulfill and ship your order.

For example, some of these trusted partners may require your Personal Information:

  • Credit card processors
  • Fulfillment warehouse
  • Carriers including UPS and FedEx
  • Digital communications vendor
  • Other back-end support

Concerning your Personal Information, PTAC4Less.com operates on a “need to know” basis. When you browse PTAC4Less.com or make a purchase through the website, third parties are not allowed to collect your Personal Information.

You have the freedom to log into your PTAC4Less.com account and edit your Personal Information at any time.

As a part of our ongoing effort to improve the user experience on PTAC4Less.com, to add to our product offerings, and to improve the overall quality of the website, PTAC4Less.com utilizes a service called Google Analytics and Advertising Features (“GA”).

To identify visitors, to gather data about their actions on the site, and to gain insights into their shopping preferences, GA uses cookies, both third- and first-party.

Cookies files, which GA places on your computer, capture standard internet information like login credentials and your behavior while on PTAC4Less.com. They link to the PTAC4Less.com website, and the data captured is used to determine a visitor’s interactions.

Your use of PTAC4Less.com constitutes your agreement to GA’s use of the information described above. By using PTAC4Less.com, you also agree to GA's terms found here.

You can at any time go to Google Ad references and modify your account settings to opt out of GA’s terms. You can follow the steps found on NAI’s opt-out page, or you can visit the GA opt-out page and install the appropriate browser extension.

Note: Any Do Not Track signals will not affect how PTAC4Less.com tracks behavior.

Privacy Policy Updates

PTAC4Less.com may update this policy at its sole discretion. In the event of an update, revised versions of this Privacy Policy will be available on this web page. You may submit any questions about this Privacy Policy through the contact form on PTAC4Less.com. Effective Date: September 2018.