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Turn-key service for disposal of your PTAC units!

There are two ways you can earn from your used units:

  1. Earn $30 of store credit PER UNIT that can be applied to a new or existing order, by letting us dispose of your old PTAC units.
  2. Not interested in store credit? No worries, we'll cut you a check for $15 PER UNIT!

Get paid for your old units by filling out the form below. Our team will reach out and coordinate the logistics pickup. Once the units have been received by us and inspected you will be issued store credit.

PTAC Unit Condition Inspection

Packing and shipping materials and recommendations provided to you by PTAC4Less should be followed in order to avoid possible damage to or loss of your PTAC Unit(s) in transit. PTAC4Less will inspect all PTAC Units that are received. PTAC4Less has the option to accept or reject the Ptac Unit(s) received, including without limitation, to reject any PTAC Unit(s) not conforming to the description you provided to us, any PTAC Unit(s) modified in such a way that it no longer conforms to the original factory specifications, and/or any PTAC Unit(s) lost or damaged in transit. If PTAC4Less rejects the PTAC Unit(s) for any of these reasons, the original offer automatically expires and is void. PTAC4Less reserves the right to revoke the original offer and provide a new revised offer for the PTAC Unit(s) if: (a) the PTAC Unit(s) are not as described (b) the PTAC Unit(s) are not in an acceptable condition.

Recalculated PTAC Unit Offers after Inspection

In the event PTAC4Less recalculates the offer it provided for the PTAC Unit(s) after they have been received and inspected for Trade-In, as described above, you shall have the option of choosing to accept or reject the new offer. If you choose to accept the new offer, you will be compensated in normal course and in accordance with the service terms (store credit or check). If you choose to reject the new offer, PTAC4Less will return the PTAC Unit(s) to you at the original shipping address of the Ptac Unit(s). PTAC4Less will give you a period of thirty (30) days after PTAC4Less presents you with a new recalculated offer via email and/or phone via the contact information you provided to accept or reject the new offer (the "New Offer Period"). PTAC4Less will also send you reminders of pending new offers two more times during the New Offer Period. However, if the new offer is neither rejected nor accepted by you during the New Offer Period, the new offer will be deemed accepted by you and you will be compensated with the new offer amount in the normal course and in accordance with the service terms (store credit or check). To avoid any confusion or doubt, your acceptance of the original offer and/or any new offer is FINAL and you may not change your mind at a later time about accepting the offer.