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When you’re looking to install, replace, or upgrade the heating and cooling unit in your hotel, small office, or commercial space, choosing a PTAC unit made by a company that focuses on making a reliable and energy-efficient product is essential.

The best PTAC comes down to far more than price alone, with long-term operational costs and end-user experience being at the forefront of brand considerations for customers.

If you’ve shopped around for PTAC units much, you’ve likely come across the Amana brand. Although Amana has enjoyed a reputation for exceptional quality for many decades, perhaps you don’t have much experience with the company.

We’ve put together this quick guide about the Amana brand, buying PTAC units, and what particular PTAC features are best for your application so you can get the most PTAC bang for your buck.

What Makes Amana A Quality Appliance Brand?

Amana Has Been In Business For Nearly Ninety Years

In 1934, George C. Foerstner founded Amana Refrigeration, Inc., basing the name on the city where he established the company—Amana, Iowa.

Early on, the company innovated numerous industry firsts, such as the bottom-freezer refrigerator, side-by-side refrigerator, and the countertop microwave, all between 1949 and 1957. The incredible success of these never-before-seen products solidified Amana’s position as a leading brand for engineering, quality, and craftsmanship.

In 2006, the Whirlpool Corporation acquired Amana along with Maytag. Although ownership hands changed, the brand’s quality-first innovative spirit continued stronger than ever. As part of the sale, Goodman retained the name of the Amana brand HVAC product line. Today the Amana brand of heating and air conditioning systems is a part of Daikin Industries LTD, parent company to Goodman. It is a worldwide leader for residential and commercial HVAC.

Almost 90 years later, Amana is still making exceptional heating and cooling appliances that offer simple solutions at fair prices. For those who want well-made, easy-to-use appliances without over-spending, Amana remains one of the premier brands in America. So how does Amana still make above-average products at a price you can afford?

Company Commitment To Quality First

To start with, Amana still focuses on the innovative engineering that gave them their early reputation for creating products that solve problems in new ways at an approachable price. By combining this approach with world-class manufacturing processes and quality control, Amana maintains its elevated brand status and commitment to an impeccable customer experience.

Reliable Performance And Hassle-Free User Operation

Having a control panel that’s easy to use is paramount when you have tenants or hotel guests who expect a comfortable environment. Amana’s PTAC units have simple control panels that make it easy for users to set the perfect temperature and forget about it.

Reliable, long-lasting HVAC performance is Amana’s top priority as a manufacturer. Amana achieves this through innovation and a world-class manufacturing process focused on quality craftsmanship and rigorous quality assurance procedures.

Is An Amana PTAC Unit Right For Your Space?

Understanding whether or not a particular PTAC is suitable for your space comes down to a handful of considerations that will impact the people using the unit every day, along with factors that affect the overall cost of ownership. Let’s examine some of these key considerations to ensure you get the best PTAC unit money can buy.

Are Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners Good For Hotels?

Packaged terminal air conditioner units (PTAC Units) are self-contained AC units that can cool and heat spaces from single rooms to multi-room hotel suites. A primary benefit of PTAC units is the ease and low cost of installation, making them an ideal climate control option for hotel operators or managers of single-unit office buildings.

Another benefit of PTAC units is that they can be quickly swapped out for a replacement PTAC unit if issues arise. If you have problematic PTACs in your building, switching them out for reliable, energy-efficient Amana PTAC units can save you thousands in energy and maintenance costs over the long term, not to mention boosting valuable guest ratings.

Are all Amana PTAC units the same size?

Another PTAC purchase factor is that while all Amana PTAC units are the standard 42″ PTAC size, not all PTAC units have the same BTU output.

Generally, PTACs range from 7,000 BTU up to 15,000 BTUs or more and have heating functions that use either resistive electric heating or a heat pump, either of which will impact the energy efficiency of the PTAC unit.

The voltage of the PTAC unit is another product aspect you’ll want to keep in mind. Some PTACs only need 208 volts, while others require up to 277 volts. Essentially, this comes down to the heating capacity of the PTAC, with more capacity requiring more voltage and amperage.

When considering manufacturers that use less energy, offer better technology solutions, and make less noise, Amana is one of the top brands in the industry.

How long will an Amana PTAC last?

High-quality PTAC units typically have about a ten-year operation lifespan before they need system service. At this point, the better brands, like Amana PTACs, can be refurbished to ensure continued system functionality and reliability.

Many owners of hotels find refurbished Amana PTACs to be an incredible value, as they get the same benefits of quiet, reliable operation at a fraction of the cost of a new PTAC unit.

How efficient is the Amana PTAC unit you’re considering?

The power consumption of your PTAC unit is a crucial consideration when searching for a good brand. Amana is known for being one of the most energy-efficient commercial PTAC unit brands, with excellent durability and BTU output compared to the resources required.

While some PTACs may be cheaper up-front, the higher energy costs over the long-term may eat up these initial savings and erode profits for hotel owners and office complex managers.

Is Amana A Good Brand Of PTAC Unit?

Amana PTAC Units Have A Reputation For Positive Reviews

Amana’s PTAC units consistently earn top reviews and satisfied customer ratings, with feedback frequently praising Amana PTACs for their quiet, reliable, and low power-consumption performance.

Common feedback about Amana PTAC units includes how silently they run, installation ease, and operation simplicity.

When it comes down to choosing what PTAC to buy, Amana’s reputation makes their packaged terminal air conditioners a rock-solid decision you’ll be pleased with for years to come.

Save With Amana Air Conditioner Units For Single Rooms

Controlling the climate of single rooms is simple with Amana PTAC units. Installation only requires a standard 42″ wall cutout and sleeve, along with a 208-277 volt electrical outlet. No ducts, no outside compressor units, and no refrigeration lines necessary! Just slide the Amana PTAC unit in, plug it in, and you’re living in comfort.

Unlike mini-split single-room AC units, you won’t need the assistance of an HVAC professional for your PTAC unit installation, saving you considerable cost when you need to install an air conditioner in multiple single-room offices or hotel rooms.

Energy Efficient Heating And Cooling For Hotel Rooms And Small Offices

Not only are Amana appliances excellent at easy-to-use comfort control, but they’re very energy efficient as well. Amana’s investment in American manufacturing allows the company to produce some of the most energy-efficient PTAC units in the industry. With an Amana PTAC, heating and cooling will average you less in energy costs each day, improving the overall value of your purchase. They pride themselves on the fact that Amana PTAC units are still assembled in the USA.

Durable Amana PTACs Offer A Strong Return on Investment

Opting for lower-priced PTACs can require more frequent maintenance, adding to operational expenses and frustrating, uncomfortable tenant or guest experiences.

It’s smarter to avoid these issues altogether by selecting a PTAC brand with a strong reputation for reliability, low noise, and low power consumption.

One indication of PTAC quality is the warranty. Amana has one of the best warranties on the market for its PTAC units, so you can count on reliable heating and cooling for many years from your new PTAC.

Industry-Leading Warranty Coverage

The industry-leading warranty provided by Amana is a testament to the care and craftsmanship that goes into each Amana PTAC unit they make. While Amana isn’t always the least expensive brand, you can always count on consistently quiet and trouble-free performance from their PTAC units.

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Quality, Affordable Heating And Cooling With Amana PTAC Air Conditioners

Whether you’re in the market for a single brand-new Amana PTAC unit or a truckload of refurbished Amana PTAC units, PTAC4Less can help you find the perfect Amana PTAC air conditioners for your application.

Call our team today or browse our online selection of Amana PTAC units to find the perfect air conditioner for your hotel, office building, or small commercial living space.

PTAC4Less has been selling Amana PTAC units for over a decade. We offer the best product and brand knowledge to help guide our customers toward the heating and air conditioning that perfectly balances price, noise, and energy consumption for their business goals.

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