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A significant factor for any hotel’s success is keeping maintenance and energy costs to a minimum. And one of the primary decisions that impact both these costs and the guest experience is choosing the right hotel air conditioner. Heating and cooling units like a packaged terminal air conditioner can range widely in how much noise they make while running, how well they regulate the temperature, and how reliable they are long-term, not to mention their initial cost. So how do you know which hotel ac units you can rely on?

In this article, we’ll cover some key considerations when selecting a commercial-grade air conditioning unit, along with units that feature heating capabilities like heat pumps. First, let’s examine the numerous types of hotel air conditioners and heat pump units, the features most pertinent to higher guest ratings, and the elements that affect their energy efficiency.

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Understanding The Different Types Of Hotel Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioning Units

Some hotel air conditioners need to serve multiple rooms within a single guest unit. These are a popular choice for studio or multi-bedroom units that require multiple zones to keep each room comfortable for the entire stay. Of course, installation of these systems involves significant ductwork, central control systems, and separate heating and cooling equipment that a professional must install outside for each unit. The costs involved with central air conditioning units are substantial, however, they are one of the most energy-efficient methods for delivering a comfortable hotel stay for every customer.

The multiple separate components needed for central air conditioning systems make installation prohibitively expensive for most single-room hotel units. In most scenarios, wall air conditioner units, such as PTAC units, are the more sensible and profitable choice when you need reliable, cost-efficient heating and cooling in a large number of one room hotel units.

Vertical Terminal Air Conditioner

Hotel suites with multiple rooms often utilize vertical terminal air conditioners, also called VTAC air conditioning units, which are essentially smaller versions of HVAC systems. VTACs are often used in studio or multi-bedroom hotel units that benefit from multi-zone heating and cooling systems to independently control the temperature in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

These systems still require ductwork, central control systems, and separate heating and cooling components that require professional installation in each unit. Installation and equipment costs when it comes to VTAC units are significant, however, these systems can deliver greater energy efficiency than other systems while providing a more comfortable hotel stay for everyone using the suite.

Needing numerous separate components is usually cost-prohibitive for single-room hotel units. In these cases, PTAC units are a far more sensible and cost-effect option for reliable, energy-efficient heating and cooling for a high quantity of single-room hotel units.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

PTAC units, or packaged terminal air conditioners, combine heating and cooling capabilities into a single piece of equipment. These are easily installed within a standard-sized wall sleeve for each hotel room, typically below the window.

Because the mechanical equipment of a PTAC unit is essentially built into the wall, it’s paramount to find a PTAC unit that runs as quietly as possible to prevent waking up guests from the sleep they so highly regard.

Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner

If keeping your air conditioner investment to a minimum is your primary consideration, through-the-wall air conditioners are a popular option. The main drawback to these units is energy efficiency, especially in hotter climates, which can quickly offset any up-front savings. Just be sure to check the BTU ratings for both cooling and heating functions so the system isn’t overworked. Choosing a through-the-wall air conditioning unit that’s sufficiently powerful will cost far less over the long term.

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Hotel Air Conditioner Features for Better Guest Reviews

If you’re looking to buy multiple PTAC units for your hotel, it’s important to consider more than the cost of the units alone. Energy consumption, the noise created when both kicking on and running, and consistently delivering the desired temperature setting are essential elements to prioritize over the per-unit price. Because thousands of customers will use a PTAC unit over the life of the room, these air conditioners are pivotal to maintaining the highest hotel room ratings possible.

Lower Noise Levels While Running

More than anything, hotel guests expect quality sleep. Whatever the cause, sleep disruptions will almost certainly end up negatively impacting your guest ratings and reviews. Trying to keep worn-out  PTAC units going past their lifespans often results in more noise throughout the night, waking your guests up and spoiling their otherwise pleasurable stay.

There’s no doubt that one of your biggest factors when choosing PTAC units for your hotel is finding the quietest model you can afford, even if it’s a high-end refurbished used PTAC unit.

Ability To Accurately Control The Temperature

A major factor for getting the best sleep is being able to keep the room cool enough. If a guest needs to continually fuss with the controls on a PTAC throughout the night, it’s likely they won’t consider staying with you the next time they’re searching for hotels in the area. Some PTAC units allow you to place a remote thermostat closer to the bed, which helps ensure a more accurate reading of the room temperature so the unit can do a better job keeping the guest comfortable all night long.

If the extra money for installing remote thermostats is beyond your budget, finding a PTAC unit that features more modern controls built-in is essential for ensuring your rooms stay comfortably cool or warm. Some PTAC units even come with remote controls, which are a good compromise on price between full-on remote thermostats and only being able to control temps on the PTAC unit panel.

Whether your budget allows for a new or refurbished PTAC, our packaged terminal air conditioner selection includes units with the most cutting-edge controls for even temperatures in whatever space they’re installed.

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

Many PTAC units come equipped with energy-efficient heat pumps and air conditioning systems to provide all-in-one heating for one room that’s economical. Be sure to check the energy ratings of the units you’re thinking about buying to weigh their overall cost of ownership.

Electric Heat Units For Targeted Temperature Control

Air conditioners that have electric heat units, either resistive electric heat or a heat pump, provide a highly-targeted method of heating and cooling numerous units within a single hotel building, saving significant energy expenses for hotel operators every single month. Perhaps more beneficial, these systems provide guests total comfort control, increasing the likelihood of guests leaving five-star reviews.

Selecting The Size Of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

Getting the best sleep hinges upon a room temperature that’s low enough to stay comfortable while still under the bedcovers. When your guests have to adjust the settings on a PTAC unit in the middle of the night, there’s a good chance they’ll pass on staying at your hotel when they’re staying in your city again.

To keep your guests coming back, be sure to select a PTAC unit that’s large enough to easily heat and cool your rooms. Whether you buy a new or refurbished PTAC, we have units of all sizes that feature accurate controls for consistent temperatures wherever they’re installed.

Save Money With Used PTAC Units

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Having Trouble With Your Hotel Air Conditioner?

If you have a hotel air conditioner or electric heat unit that’s been giving you trouble, you may wonder whether you should try to get it fixed, buy a new one, or buy a refurbished used one. For any of you hotel operators out there who are dealing with hotel air conditioner issues for the first time, we’re here to answer any questions you may have so you can make the most profitable choice. Don’t hesitate to give us a call! Once you determine which hotel air conditioner is right for your ratings and reviews ambitions, PTAC4Less has the selection and inventory to fulfill your heating and cooling needs in a way that pleases your customers every time.