Package Protection

Our Committment to Your Packages

What is the package protection option?


We've been in the business of selling PTACs for a long time and over the years we've seen almost every type of shipping mishap you could imagine. From lost shipments to wall sleeves and units getting beat up in transit or during delivery, you name it and we've probably dealt with it. Filing claims with the carriers can be an arduous process that takes a long time to resolve and doesn't always work out in the customer's favor.


Thankfully, these occurances don't happen often but when they do it is often at the worst possible time when our customers need their shipments delivered safely and quickly.


As part of our continued effort to create the best possible customer experience we designed our package protection option to solve these challenges, reduce frustration caused during the delivery process and improve the overall buying experience.


Here's How It Works:


1) In the event your package disappears for unknown reasons, is lost by a carrier or arrives damaged and unusuable we will send you a replacement. If the products you ordered are out of stock we will promptly issue you a refund. Our team will work with the repsonsible party behind the scenes to recover what we can. By selecting the package protection option you're ensuring your shipment is covered regardless of whether we are able to recover damages from the responsible party.


2) If you selected "package protection" during the checkout process all you need to do to file a claim and receive your replacement or refund is email us at If the shipment was received damaged please send pictures of the damaged box and unit with your email. If product(s) are missing from the shipment please sign the bill of lading as "short" and send us a copy via email at


3) After our team receives the email we will reach out to you and confirm your replacement order or refund has been processed.


Important Details


The package protection option expires 30 days from the day the order was placed.


There are no miscellaneous fees associated with this protection option. All you pay is the one-time protection option fee calculated at checkout.


Thanks for reading about our package protection option. Enjoy browsing our selection of refurbished PTAC units!